Feinstein’s Ox-Bow Lynching

The Marxists (socialists, liberals, democrats in politics and the media) are engaged in the contemporary recreation of the OX-Bow Incident of 1885 and portrayed in the 1943 movie reenactment for the hanging of innocent men by a lynch mob. Only this time, instead of operating under the faux legal facade of legitimacy of being a “Posse” (comprised of drunk cowboys) to hang innocent men for the mob’s self-satisfaction; we have power drunk politicians and media operating under the faux legal cloche of being in Congress and the “Press” to justify their lynching of another innocent man, Judge Kavanaugh without any proof. This time they do it for their personal political satisfaction, which is just as twisted and wrong as the Ox-Bow incident.  Same story, just different setting. Ask Justice Thomas or the black men hung after the Civil War! The democrat/media mob’s attempt to hang Judge Kavanaugh politically is another contemporary example of prejudice and political bigotry. The Ox-Bow Democrats keep trying to drag us back into their 19th century social prejudice and bigotry.

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Now that the NFL has effectively taken the words “tackle” and “football” out of the “NFL” they might as well issue flags and save the expense on the equipment. By rule the quarterback is no longer a tackle football player. Players that make a clean tackles on the QB draw penalties.  Therefore, the correct name of the NFL is now the National Flag League. Parents will serve refreshments at half time on the sidelines and there is no need to retire to the locker rooms (except to go potty).

All player contracts should be voided with damages paid for breach of contract since they signed up to play “tackle” football. (I’ll let you figure out who should pay damages to who) New contracts should be greatly reduced for playing a non-contact sport. The “Super Bowl” is no longer “Super”. It will now be known as the “Intramural Politically Correct Bowl.”

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Senator Grassley should call Senator Feinstein (and her staff) to appear under oath before their committee to investigate Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations and Feinstein’s collusion with Christine Blasey Ford and any others for bringing unfounded, uncorroborated and false (as far as we know) allegations before the committee to obstruct justice and undermine our Republic. Feinstein knew (or should have known since she had no FBI confirmation by the time for the committee vote despite 6 background checks) that the FBI had found nothing to support the false allegations (without time or place), that Feinstein made public at the last minute. Yet she publicized what she had been hiding and knew it had no supporting evidence. Her only discernable purpose in publishing such salacious allegations was to subvert the Senate’s legal hearing process. This conduct is patterned after the example the D’s set with their Steele dossier that was funded by Feinstein’s Democrat Party to illegally subvert our system of representative government.

Why did Feinstein withhold evidence from the Senate Committee? The rules of evidence, for fairness, require the prosecutor (which is what Feinstein is) to provide the defense with all the evidence they have. Withholding evidence is the obstruction of justice.

Did Feinstein or her staff have anything to do with drafting or preparing these unfounded allegations? Who did Feinstein collude with before and during the time she received the “anonymous letter” regarding Judge Cavanagh? Feinstein has an investigative staff. How much did Feinstein know about the veracity (or lack thereof) of these allegations and potential “witnesses”? Did she or her staff interview any alleged witnesses? What did they find out? Did she disclose all her knowledge to the committee before making the allegations public?

What did Feinstein know about Judge Cavanaugh’s mother presiding over the foreclosure of Christine Blasey Ford’s home? What did Feinstein know about the Blasey Ford’s family connections with law firm(s) supporting and financing Planned Parenthood? What did Feinstein know about the attorney(s) for Blasey Ford and their strong political support for Planned Parenthood who is adamantly opposed to the Cavanaugh appointment?

If Feinstein was involved in collusion with Ford to undermine the Committee process, is she precluded from voting because of her conflict of interest in the hearing? Why didn’t she disclose this information to the Senate Committee? The committee deserves Feinstein’s answers to these questions and more

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McCabe Firing – Wrong Question Asked

The timing issue to ask for the firing of McCabe is why didn’t he get caught and fired earlier? The probing question is not about his firing just before a retirement that would have continued his taking advantage of and malfeasance of his office. The follow-up question is how self-serving and protecting is the FBI of those who blatantly violate its code of conduct, the Constitution and the law?

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A brief review of the sale agreement for the copyright interests in the information and material from Stormy Daniels, aka Peggy Peterson, aka Stephanie Gregory Clifford makes it clear that she has no case against Donald Trump.

She asserts the Contract is void because Trump did not sign it. She also claims the pseudonym David Dennison represents Donald Trump as a party to the sale agreement. The publicly disclosed copy of the sale agreement and its Exhibit “A” (LINK) has the name of the person represented by David Dennison redacted so it cannot be discerned who that person is based on the published document.

Nonetheless, the name of that person does not matter. Stormy Daniels entered into a contract with EC, LLC “and/or” David Dennison. The disjunctive word “or” means that if either EC, LLC “or” David Denison sign the contract, Ms. Daniels has sold her interests in her intellectual property, including copyrights and materials, to the party that entered into the contract with her. In this case the party entering into the contract with Ms. Daniels was EC, LLC and not Donald Trump. EC, LLC executed the contract and holds exclusive ownership.

Even if David Denison is Donald Trump, he did not purchase the copyright interests or materials owned by Stormy Daniels. Therefore, since he was not the purchaser, paid no consideration, and did not receive or take possession of the materials; he did not have to sign or pay money for something he did not buy.

EC, LLC is admittedly the sole and exclusive owner of the materials and their associated intellectual property that Stormy Daniels sold.

Mr. Trump did not sign the contract. He is not a party to the contract. Nothing was sold to Donald Trump and he owes no money. She sold her materials, rights and interest to EC, LLC free and clear. It is a valid contract between them and only them. If a suit is filed, a summary judgment is in order with an order for costs for bringing such a frivolous nuisance law suit and wasting the courts time.



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As long as the politicians and media are focused on and talking about guns and gun control – they have won. Guns are a very convenient Trojan horse to take our liberty. Blaming shootings on guns is akin to blaming the ropes for the lynchings after the Civil War. They are both societal issues stemming from a lack of morality and our respect for each other and the sanctity of human life. But then what do you expect from that same part of society that has murdered over 60 million defenseless babies? They don’t even get a chance to go to school! This is from the same party that hung black Americans in the 1800’s. Would it have made a difference if the sale of ropes over 4foot in length was made illegal? No! It took Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. and 100 years to change society.

Our problem is much deeper than just another inanimate object.

Politicians can’t admit the root cause of the problem – they caused it; much less come up with a solution that would reverse the last 90 years of their work in the dismemberment of the moral fabric of our society. Blaming guns is just an easy foil for the politicians to pretend they addressed (but never solved) the problem by taking more of our liberty. This is the Marxist/liberal/Alinski plan. Once we can no longer defend ourselves from tyranny and we become dependent on the government – the game is over, set, match and done for our country.


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Dear President Trump,

Thank you for what you have done and are trying to do. I’m sure you and your family have sacrificed more than we may ever know.

I have a request. Please use the correct term when referring to the lectern. You are too tall to use a podium. Olympic champions and short people stand on the podium. Don’t feel bad about it, other than Harris Falkner (on FOX), I don’t know of anyone in the media that demonstrates they know the difference between the podium and the lectern. I would appreciate your using the correct term so I don’t have to explain the misuse of the language to my children and now grandchildren. That will put you grammatically a league ahead of the faux news media.

On another note, it is obvious that the slow roll of Marxist philosophy into our society, our educational system and government over the last 90 years has taken hold on a significant portion of Americans and our government. Like the color red, Marxists come in all shades from light to dark red. They have been on a slow but steady and successful march to remove our core principles of family, faith and belief in individual liberty. They are replacing them with a dependence on government to survive. Please keep this totalitarian goal in mind regarding the suggestion of regulating mental illness. That issue was addressed by our courts before the 80’s when the Marxist progeny, the PC culture, began to become effective. As Reagan found out with the Clean Water Act such regulations can get out of control with tyrannical bureaucrats. Mental illness is the excuse used by Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and Castro and is still being used in China, Russia and Cuba to incarcerate political enemies and suppress free speech. Unfortunately, our Congress has proven it is inept at its oversight responsibilities to control the bureaucrats that will enforce such regulations.

Many don’t know or believe the fundamental purpose of the 2nd Amendment. There is a reason it is the only right that “shall not be infringed.” Its main purpose was to enable us to protect our liberty from government oppression and tyranny as well as protecting our Constitution and country from threats, foreign and domestic. Self-defense is older than common law and was not even considered an issue in 1776. Only our Constitution established this right for this reason.  According to the FBI, we now have 50 foreign backed military Islamic style training bases established in our country. Americans may be needed to defend our country. These foreign nationals, embedded in these paramilitary camps,  get escorted into our country on a regular basis by drug cartels through states like mine (Arizona). (see the November 2012 report by the House Committee on Homeland Security, subcommittee on oversight, chaired by Rep. Michael T. McCaul – “A Line in the Sand: Counter Crime, Violence  and Terror at the SW Border”).  Those that want tyranny are those that want to take our unalienable right to bear arms.

Additionally, if you want to change the age to purchase a gun, it is incumbent on you to change the age for Selective Service Registration and for people to sign up to join the military. If they are not old enough to handle a gun they should not be in any branch of our military where that is required. Logic also dictates that the federal voting age should be moved back to 21 since voting is the ultimate civic responsibility and most power. Fair is fair!

It will be very difficult if not impossible to roll back almost 5 generations of slow Marxist indoctrination in just 8 years but I hope you can get a good start at it. Thank you again for your sacrifice for our country. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

Bill Sandry



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by Bill Sandry

The DOJ is charged with investigating crime. The DOJ does not have the authority to investigate (much less prosecute) non-criminal, i.e. legal conduct. Because the DOJ does not have this authority in cannot delegate an authority it does not have to a special counsel/prosecutor. This is a self-evident, long established, legal axiom.

“Collusion” is not a crime. Nor is “meddling” (whatever that is) in a campaign a crime.

Why then did DOJ’s Rosenstein delegate an authority he does not have to investigate something that is not a crime? What is his motive for creating a fictional, unconstitutional and unaccountable government creature for exercising more government control with unlimited funding?

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If NFL Players Believe:

By Bill Sandry 10-13-17

The NFL players that are “protesting” for “equality” should think about what they are doing. Evidently they do not realize they are protesting the symbols of equality and equal opportunity they are allegedly seeking. Our flag and National Anthem represent the faith and promises of civil fights and equal opportunity guaranteed by our Constitution. What they apparently missed is that our Constitution puts the obligation and duty on us citizens to be engaged in our government process and our responsible civic participation and generosity to achieve equality as best we can. How many of these NFL protestors are personally and physically involved in our government, politics or education? FYI – That does not mean financially supporting an organization supported by a billionaire Nazi collaborator (wanted for securities fraud) that is hell bent on creating division in our country.

What they are protesting (by opposing the symbols of our Constitution and liberty) is our freedom, our liberty, our civil rights and the equal opportunity our Constitution affords us. This country provides the mechanism for citizens to protect our civil rights as enshrined in our Bill of Rights – those are the things our flag and National Anthem stand for and are therefore by definition what these players are protesting.  If they believe that symbols such as these are not important, why are they engaging in symbols such as kneeling (a sign of submission), raising their fist or locking arms? If they are not protesting our greatest symbols of unity, they might consider each of them holding a small flag when they are standing respectfully and locking arms thereby demonstrating their unity with whatever their cause is and the flag. But that is still not standing at attention in respect.

What they don’t realize is that they are protesting themselves by protesting the symbols representing their right to protest. Why would you protest symbols of the Constitution that gives you the right to protest? Presumably this is because they have not been taught our history and do not understand our Constitution; they do not realize they are protesting themselves as the responsible party for not achieving the equality they desire. They are equally as responsible as every other citizen and maybe even more so because they have earned the income and station in public life to achieve the ephemeral goal of equality. Instead of promoting equality they are making public gestures that are divisive, racist and hateful, yet they claim they are not being divisive when that is the only conclusion a rational observer can make. Their apparent lack of understanding, knowledge and action is an embarrassment to Americans regardless of race. They are promoting equality only in the sense that they are equally embarrassing to Americans – regardless of race. If you have to explain what you are protesting about – your protest is by definition a failure.

Virtually all NFL players have attended college and most graduated. How did they get where they are without understanding these fundamentals upon which our country is founded? It appears a good place for them to start is with promoting our classic education curriculum used in the mid-20th century when we developed and had the best education system ever taught in the world. If they believe, they will make sure that is implemented in every inner city school and that (along with the next suggestion) will do more to help minorities succeed than any other single initiative. In fact that could put them ahead of the other public schools that are teaching Common Core, Islam and Marxism – all failed federally imposed curriculum. The players might foster a generation of minorities to achieve equality through our Constitution and save our liberty for all of us!

To further help minorities, if they believe, they could take action to reverse the LBJ plan to transfer the poor, and in particular the Black Americans, from the cotton plantation (yes whites picked cotton too) to the government plantation. Just like during slavery, LBJ used the Democrat Party to break-up the family to guarantee government dependency. They must support the restoration of the traditional American family.

One last thought for today; if they believe they have the same right to equality at work as others should have, then they are expecting the government to protect that right in a private work place, since the NFL receives federal financial support. If that were the case then affirmative action would be applicable just as it is in education in federally funded universities and only 13% of the NFL players would be black. Let that sink in for “equality.” It helps to have a basic understanding of our Constitution before you try to act under its protection. It is there for all of us. I ask them to use it wisely and correctly. We need the help!

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McCain Ejects on Us Again

McCain demonstrated his cut n’ run philosophy again by abandoning his support for his party and his Arizona constituents. We see this every 6 years after the election. The man with a national reputation for his uncontrollable temper and rough language has used a temporal excuse to abandon ship. No one condones, in fact everyone condemns Trumps 11 year old language. But unlike the rest of us, McCain demonstrated he has no compassion or forgiveness for us.  In fact, given his legislation (or legislative failures) to secure the border and enforce the laws he obviously reserves those virtues only for illegal aliens.  He showed where he put his compassion and forgiveness when he sponsored the CREST Act to fund bringing 5,000 illegal aliens into our country at a cost of $100,000,000.00. I wonder if he justified that by following Obama’s lead and renaming them “refugees.”

He bailed out on his obligation in 1986 to keep his word to secure the border, and force Congress to keep its word to secure the border. He bailed again when he bailed on his promise during the last election to “build the dang fence.”  Politicians like McCain use the people in his party as the leverage to gain personal power and after election, like Hillary, the idea of serving the people is an anathema to him. McCain’s abandonment of the Trump campaign is no loss to us “Wacko Birds” (McCain’s term for us deplorable irredeemables) or Trump because he never really supported us or Trump.

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