Senator Grassley should call Senator Feinstein (and her staff) to appear under oath before their committee to investigate Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations and Feinstein’s collusion with Christine Blasey Ford and any others for bringing unfounded, uncorroborated and false (as far as we know) allegations before the committee to obstruct justice and undermine our Republic. Feinstein knew (or should have known since she had no FBI confirmation by the time for the committee vote despite 6 background checks) that the FBI had found nothing to support the false allegations (without time or place), that Feinstein made public at the last minute. Yet she publicized what she had been hiding and knew it had no supporting evidence. Her only discernable purpose in publishing such salacious allegations was to subvert the Senate’s legal hearing process. This conduct is patterned after the example the D’s set with their Steele dossier that was funded by Feinstein’s Democrat Party to illegally subvert our system of representative government.

Why did Feinstein withhold evidence from the Senate Committee? The rules of evidence, for fairness, require the prosecutor (which is what Feinstein is) to provide the defense with all the evidence they have. Withholding evidence is the obstruction of justice.

Did Feinstein or her staff have anything to do with drafting or preparing these unfounded allegations? Who did Feinstein collude with before and during the time she received the “anonymous letter” regarding Judge Cavanagh? Feinstein has an investigative staff. How much did Feinstein know about the veracity (or lack thereof) of these allegations and potential “witnesses”? Did she or her staff interview any alleged witnesses? What did they find out? Did she disclose all her knowledge to the committee before making the allegations public?

What did Feinstein know about Judge Cavanaugh’s mother presiding over the foreclosure of Christine Blasey Ford’s home? What did Feinstein know about the Blasey Ford’s family connections with law firm(s) supporting and financing Planned Parenthood? What did Feinstein know about the attorney(s) for Blasey Ford and their strong political support for Planned Parenthood who is adamantly opposed to the Cavanaugh appointment?

If Feinstein was involved in collusion with Ford to undermine the Committee process, is she precluded from voting because of her conflict of interest in the hearing? Why didn’t she disclose this information to the Senate Committee? The committee deserves Feinstein’s answers to these questions and more

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