Feinstein’s Ox-Bow Lynching

The Marxists (socialists, liberals, democrats in politics and the media) are engaged in the contemporary recreation of the OX-Bow Incident of 1885 and portrayed in the 1943 movie reenactment for the hanging of innocent men by a lynch mob. Only this time, instead of operating under the faux legal facade of legitimacy of being a “Posse” (comprised of drunk cowboys) to hang innocent men for the mob’s self-satisfaction; we have power drunk politicians and media operating under the faux legal cloche of being in Congress and the “Press” to justify their lynching of another innocent man, Judge Kavanaugh without any proof. This time they do it for their personal political satisfaction, which is just as twisted and wrong as the Ox-Bow incident.  Same story, just different setting. Ask Justice Thomas or the black men hung after the Civil War! The democrat/media mob’s attempt to hang Judge Kavanaugh politically is another contemporary example of prejudice and political bigotry. The Ox-Bow Democrats keep trying to drag us back into their 19th century social prejudice and bigotry.

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