Bill’s Footnotes 3-17-11

 Bill’s Footnotes  3-17-11

 The Tea Party is the conscience of America.  Politicians don’t know what to do with a conscience. 

 Think About It

42% of the money paid for the gas used to power the Obamamobiles is paid for with borrowed money!  His budget can’t even pay for his transportation to the golf course.

 I’ve been listening to the congressional speeches (they’re not really debates) on reducing the national debt by cutting spending.  Those that oppose cutting spending because we can’t pay our bills threaten us with the starvation of the poor, no education for our children, elimination of health care for the elderly, and many more catastrophic results if we cut spending to avoid the termination of all services for every one because we are broke.  With each catastrophic prediction they present, they make a solid case that when we cut funding we should either just eliminate the program because it is an inevitable result – or we have incompetent agency administrators that must be replaced.  If we could just amend the legislation to require department heads to cut their costs and continue services or be replaced, we might get the results we want!

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