Chief Justice Roberts’ has discriminated against and disenfranchised American citizens with his opinion on the census citizenship question. It is true that the Constitution provides for counting “persons” in the United States. The questions are (1) what is the purpose of the census and (2) the meaning of the word [American] “persons” to accomplish that purpose. The adjective American is the same as “you” understood in English grammar when the you isn’t spoken in a sentence.

The acknowledged purpose is for the apportionment of the members of the House of Representatives therefore it must be admitted that the term “persons” was meant to mean American citizens as persons since the founders specifically excluded other persons from the census not then considered citizens such as American Indians that didn’t pay taxes. Because of the structural ability to amend our Constitution these other “persons” have been included as citizens (and rightly so). However illegal aliens have not been included as a group of citizens to be counted. This would also require a constitutional amendment to include illegal aliens as citizens. The use of the word “persons” was a restrictive description of only those entitled to be counted for purposes of representation (not an all-inclusive term for all homosapiens).

Our founders realized the lack of logic and a rational purpose in apportioning members of Congress to a population of people that are not American citizens. The practice of including illegal aliens has led to great mischief with the federal system of taxes and benefits and, more importantly, the disenfranchisement of representation of American Citizens in Congress. There are approximately 6 members of Congress from California alone that are apportioned to California to represent illegal aliens – persons that are NOT Americans. These members of Congress are there solely because of the Illegal alien population in California. Those members of Congress are effectively representing a foreign country’s interests by representing those persons obligated by nationality to a foreign country. Those Congressmen should be representing Americans! Saying that the term “persons” applies to illegal aliens defies common sense. But sometimes common sense evades even the members of the Supreme Court.

 The Roberts’ opinion is a direct attack on our unalienable right to self-representation.

Why should persons that are not Americans who have a birthright obligation to another country be entitled to have a member of Congress representing them?

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