If the Imams running Iran could make foreign policy decisions for the United States, what would they do if they were President?  Here are a few probable forecasts.

First, they would have the President (preferably of Muslim heritage) fly to an Arab Muslim nation and publicly apologize for all the past transgressions of the USA. He would apologize for sins such as supporting civil rights, equality, and tolerance of all religions, while opposing the abusive treatment, stoning and selling of women and the oppression of citizens’ free speech and political freedoms.  Egypt would be a good location. 

Next, the President would fly to a theocracy dominated Arab Kingdom, make a public butt bow before the king and publically apologize again.  Saudi Arabia fits this bill.

Issuing directives to terminate one of the most prominent programs demonstrating US world achievements and leadership would be a natural.  Executive Orders eliminating the authorization for the USA to continue as a leader in space exploration, while giving bureaucrats a raise to keep them in their government controlled positions, should do the trick.  In fact while he’s at it he could direct NASA to change its mission from space exploration into missions to make Muslims feel better about themselves.

Destruction of the U.S. currency as the global reserve currency and the devaluation of the dollar to cause economic chaos in the country is a next logical directive from the Imams.  This is easily done by running up $1.6 trillion in annual debts for which the country has no money to pay.  Who would want to own that currency?  How could we pay our bills with worthless currency?

This reversion to the patronage system of government, from which our founding fathers freed us, is a natural follow-up at this point.  It complies with the needs of a dictatorship or theocracy style of oppression to eliminate individual thought and freedom, A nationalized government controlled health system upon which all citizens, not in power, will have to depend for survival will accomplish this goal; Especially if it costs more and drives the country further in debt. 

While the Imams are at nationalization, they would give the government more control if it took over ownership and control of major industries and services.  Manufacturing sector businesses such as General Motor and Chrysler would be a good start.  The financial and insurance industries would complement this mass government usurpation of control and freedom.  Companies like AGI, and other insurance companies as well as eliminating small independent thinking banks by declaring them insolvent and selling them to the national banks that have already submitted to control will accomplish this policy objective.  All the President has to do is change banking regulatory standards so these banks are no longer in compliance.  The national(ized) banks would be already brought under the central government control because they were forced to sell ownership to and take out loans from the Federal government to stay in compliance with the new banking solvency regulatory  requirements.

Since they’re at designing the economic destruction of the USA, it would be helpful if their President prevented any effective energy development programs.  This is easily accomplished by using the federal regulatory process to prevent the drilling for oil and gas, as well as keeping a promise to “bankrupt” the coal industry.  Imams would not want any competition with their expanding control over world energy supplies.  Moratoriums on drilling and EPA rejections of previously approved coal mine permits will achieve this objective on the Imam agenda.

For the long haul it will be important for the Imams to have the President disarm the American military.  No problem.  By simply cancelling projects for the development of future defense programs, reducing the size of the military and forcing acceptance of social practices and beliefs that are contrary to the beliefs of 99% of the military personnel, it will be easy to not only reduce but demoralize our defense forces.  In fact, if there were any Muslims fighting for their freedom from a dictatorship, say in Libya, it would be convenient if their President just ignored their pleas for American assistance and leadership.  A statement from the American Secretary of State to the effect that “It is very important that the United States not be seen as a world leader.” An interview on March 9, 2011 with CBS will fir the bill and should crush their hopes for freedom. Service personnel would wonder why they are even there.  

While the Imams are working on eliminating future military supremacy it would be convenient if secret strategic development programs were conveyed to governments such as China.  There’s a chance they might use this technology to make clones of the future defense systems that the President either just eliminated or significantly reduced to the point where they will be ineffective.  The Chinese had a severe directional and control missile problem. This has miraculously been solved to the point where they have blown up satellites in space.  I wonder where they got the design from for their J-20 fighter/bomber that looks identical to our F-117 Nighthawk.  Probably from the same source they got our cruise missile technology. Of course their President would have our most advanced fighter the F-22A Raptor program curtailed and have it going out of production.   

On the terrorism front I’m sure the Imams would appreciate it if we quit calling terrorists “terrorists” – it might give them a bad reputation.  And while the president is at it he could reign in the Justice Department from prosecuting these misguided people that keep trying to blow us up.  A prosecutor like Eric Holder could accomplish this goal.

I’m sure glad the Imams can’t find a President that would implement their policies!  If the Imams could only find a President that would implement their policies for the USA, I suspect they would start praying to Allah 6 times a day to thank him.  I’m sure there are more goals the Imams would have the President achieve, if they had a person that would be willing to comply, but you get the idea.  The Imams’ next goal – one that would be coming up shortly (if they had such a President) would be to get him re-elected to finish the job.


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