Some years ago the old media talked about the “silent majority.” It would pontificate on what the old media wanted us to believe the silent majority thought. Now the silent majority has found a voice. And it is not controlled by the old media – nor does it stand for what the old media wants. This is causing a significant problem not only for the old media, but for the Democrat and Republican Parties because they depend on the silent majority for revenues and votes. The voice of the silent majority, the combined educated working class and the professional class, is the Tea Party.

Because of philosophical differences between socialism and the American Constitutional principals of individual liberty and limited government, the Democrat Party is having a melt down. The Republican Party has been exposed as a group of establishment politicians that preach one psalm but practice another. When in office they have no distinguishable differences from the Democrat Party in their votes and policies. Neither party effectively stands for the constitutionally guaranteed civil rights that our Constitution was drafted to preserve. Both parties keep usurping and out-right taking these rights for their own political power benefit. The old media, ever the stalwart supporter of the Democrat Party policies of socialism, and now communism principles that the Obama administration has implemented with government ownership of entire sectors of private enterprise, is caught betwixt and between. It has the philosophical desire to crush the silent majority but needs to retain the silent majority for the political power of the people that constitute the vast majority of its customer base – indeed it needs the money from the silent Tea Party majority so it can survive. Being philosophically aligned, the old media has the same problem.

Lest you doubt that the Tea Party is not the darling of the Republican Party establishment, it was made clear in the 2010 elections in Alaska and Delaware that the Republican Party establishment will oppose its own rank and file member’s votes to retain their establishment political control and even loose seats if necessary to make their point. They demonstrated they have no more loyalty to their constituents than the Democrat Party has to Republican Party members

This leaves the Republican Party establishment in the same twixt and between quandaries as the old media. They need the silent majority support but also fear the loss of political power to the people. The silent Tea Party majority elected two candidates that they wanted to represent them in Alaska and Delaware, but they were not the hand picked candidates that the Republican establishment wanted that would fall in line with the establishment’s good old boy way of doing business. So the Republican establishment did not support them and even funded opposition to their member elected candidates.

Each in their own way has made efforts to demean or demonize the Tea Party silent majority. What they understand but can’t accept or deal with is that the principals of the silent Tea Party majority are based on the same constitutional principals of individual liberties and constitutional civil rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. Those principals undermine the institutional and individual powers of the Democrat Party, the Republican Party and the old guard media.

So what has been the answer from the Democrat, Republican and old media camps? The answer that is emerging from all three camps is more spending, more debt and more government control, especially of its major competitor and the silent majority’s source of genuine free journalism – the dreaded internet. That is why Obama has the FCC promulgating new regulations to control internet servers and Obama is drafting regulations for an internet ID system under the control of the U.S. Department of Commerce. But, just like social security numbers, according to U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Lock who promises that the Commerce Department system will not be a government controlled system; the ID numbers will not be used for national identification.

As the old saying goes – “Hey, I’ve got a bridge to sell ya.” – - – - Only we’re not buying!

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