RLUIPA (Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act) was passed in 2000 as a federal land use legislation to control local zoning regulations to protect religious organizations and institutions from discriminatory local zoning ordinances. This law has been abused numerous times under the Obama DOJ to force local communities, including their residential areas, to rezone and fund mosques and Islamic schools with some communities even donating the property. Leo Homann reported in WND that the Obama DOJ and CAIR teamed up to compel the Pittsfield Township in Michigan to change its zoning and pay $1.7m to finance a mega mosque, a 70,000 sq. ft. Islamic school, housing and a park for allegedly violating the RLUIPA law. ( )

I have a suggestion for our American communities. The Quran calls for, even requires, acts of sedition, treason and murder – all of which are acts in violation of our Constitution and the Constitution of virtually every state. (see this site for 109 Quran verses requiring violence  ) A “New Testament” for the Quran renouncing violence does not exist.

If our states and local communities passed laws and ordinances that define groups or organizations with principles (especially written foundational principles) based on and/or teach acts of sedition, treason or murder – then they are engaged in a political activity.  Under this obvious and demonstrable definition, our communities will establish a legal basis for retaining control over their local zoning of such self-defined political organizations. Obama has changed and created false definitions innumerable times to violate our Constitution. We have the opportunity to correctly define something for what it is to preserve our Constitution – if we the people have the courage to demand it of our local governments.

History has proven that these principles are requirements for orthodox Islamic believers. They are written in the Quran and Hadith from which they teach their followers. Throughout the history of Islam, Orthodox believers of Islam have waged war and insurrections against countries and local governments to overthrow those governments and impose Sharia/Hadith law. It is a requirement of their political movement. That makes them a political organization by definition first and, to the extent the remainder is a religion, it is such only secondarily to the orthodox believers. Disciples of organizations and groups based on principles that teach and promote the overthrow of our laws and country should not be allowed local zoning exemptions. They should be deported or prosecuted.

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