McCain Ejects on Us Again

McCain demonstrated his cut n’ run philosophy again by abandoning his support for his party and his Arizona constituents. We see this every 6 years after the election. The man with a national reputation for his uncontrollable temper and rough language has used a temporal excuse to abandon ship. No one condones, in fact everyone condemns Trumps 11 year old language. But unlike the rest of us, McCain demonstrated he has no compassion or forgiveness for us.  In fact, given his legislation (or legislative failures) to secure the border and enforce the laws he obviously reserves those virtues only for illegal aliens.  He showed where he put his compassion and forgiveness when he sponsored the CREST Act to fund bringing 5,000 illegal aliens into our country at a cost of $100,000,000.00. I wonder if he justified that by following Obama’s lead and renaming them “refugees.”

He bailed out on his obligation in 1986 to keep his word to secure the border, and force Congress to keep its word to secure the border. He bailed again when he bailed on his promise during the last election to “build the dang fence.”  Politicians like McCain use the people in his party as the leverage to gain personal power and after election, like Hillary, the idea of serving the people is an anathema to him. McCain’s abandonment of the Trump campaign is no loss to us “Wacko Birds” (McCain’s term for us deplorable irredeemables) or Trump because he never really supported us or Trump.

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