If NFL Players Believe:

By Bill Sandry 10-13-17

The NFL players that are “protesting” for “equality” should think about what they are doing. Evidently they do not realize they are protesting the symbols of equality and equal opportunity they are allegedly seeking. Our flag and National Anthem represent the faith and promises of civil fights and equal opportunity guaranteed by our Constitution. What they apparently missed is that our Constitution puts the obligation and duty on us citizens to be engaged in our government process and our responsible civic participation and generosity to achieve equality as best we can. How many of these NFL protestors are personally and physically involved in our government, politics or education? FYI – That does not mean financially supporting an organization supported by a billionaire Nazi collaborator (wanted for securities fraud) that is hell bent on creating division in our country.

What they are protesting (by opposing the symbols of our Constitution and liberty) is our freedom, our liberty, our civil rights and the equal opportunity our Constitution affords us. This country provides the mechanism for citizens to protect our civil rights as enshrined in our Bill of Rights – those are the things our flag and National Anthem stand for and are therefore by definition what these players are protesting.  If they believe that symbols such as these are not important, why are they engaging in symbols such as kneeling (a sign of submission), raising their fist or locking arms? If they are not protesting our greatest symbols of unity, they might consider each of them holding a small flag when they are standing respectfully and locking arms thereby demonstrating their unity with whatever their cause is and the flag. But that is still not standing at attention in respect.

What they don’t realize is that they are protesting themselves by protesting the symbols representing their right to protest. Why would you protest symbols of the Constitution that gives you the right to protest? Presumably this is because they have not been taught our history and do not understand our Constitution; they do not realize they are protesting themselves as the responsible party for not achieving the equality they desire. They are equally as responsible as every other citizen and maybe even more so because they have earned the income and station in public life to achieve the ephemeral goal of equality. Instead of promoting equality they are making public gestures that are divisive, racist and hateful, yet they claim they are not being divisive when that is the only conclusion a rational observer can make. Their apparent lack of understanding, knowledge and action is an embarrassment to Americans regardless of race. They are promoting equality only in the sense that they are equally embarrassing to Americans – regardless of race. If you have to explain what you are protesting about – your protest is by definition a failure.

Virtually all NFL players have attended college and most graduated. How did they get where they are without understanding these fundamentals upon which our country is founded? It appears a good place for them to start is with promoting our classic education curriculum used in the mid-20th century when we developed and had the best education system ever taught in the world. If they believe, they will make sure that is implemented in every inner city school and that (along with the next suggestion) will do more to help minorities succeed than any other single initiative. In fact that could put them ahead of the other public schools that are teaching Common Core, Islam and Marxism – all failed federally imposed curriculum. The players might foster a generation of minorities to achieve equality through our Constitution and save our liberty for all of us!

To further help minorities, if they believe, they could take action to reverse the LBJ plan to transfer the poor, and in particular the Black Americans, from the cotton plantation (yes whites picked cotton too) to the government plantation. Just like during slavery, LBJ used the Democrat Party to break-up the family to guarantee government dependency. They must support the restoration of the traditional American family.

One last thought for today; if they believe they have the same right to equality at work as others should have, then they are expecting the government to protect that right in a private work place, since the NFL receives federal financial support. If that were the case then affirmative action would be applicable just as it is in education in federally funded universities and only 13% of the NFL players would be black. Let that sink in for “equality.” It helps to have a basic understanding of our Constitution before you try to act under its protection. It is there for all of us. I ask them to use it wisely and correctly. We need the help!

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