Dear President Trump,

Thank you for what you have done and are trying to do. I’m sure you and your family have sacrificed more than we may ever know.

I have a request. Please use the correct term when referring to the lectern. You are too tall to use a podium. Olympic champions and short people stand on the podium. Don’t feel bad about it, other than Harris Falkner (on FOX), I don’t know of anyone in the media that demonstrates they know the difference between the podium and the lectern. I would appreciate your using the correct term so I don’t have to explain the misuse of the language to my children and now grandchildren. That will put you grammatically a league ahead of the faux news media.

On another note, it is obvious that the slow roll of Marxist philosophy into our society, our educational system and government over the last 90 years has taken hold on a significant portion of Americans and our government. Like the color red, Marxists come in all shades from light to dark red. They have been on a slow but steady and successful march to remove our core principles of family, faith and belief in individual liberty. They are replacing them with a dependence on government to survive. Please keep this totalitarian goal in mind regarding the suggestion of regulating mental illness. That issue was addressed by our courts before the 80’s when the Marxist progeny, the PC culture, began to become effective. As Reagan found out with the Clean Water Act such regulations can get out of control with tyrannical bureaucrats. Mental illness is the excuse used by Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and Castro and is still being used in China, Russia and Cuba to incarcerate political enemies and suppress free speech. Unfortunately, our Congress has proven it is inept at its oversight responsibilities to control the bureaucrats that will enforce such regulations.

Many don’t know or believe the fundamental purpose of the 2nd Amendment. There is a reason it is the only right that “shall not be infringed.” Its main purpose was to enable us to protect our liberty from government oppression and tyranny as well as protecting our Constitution and country from threats, foreign and domestic. Self-defense is older than common law and was not even considered an issue in 1776. Only our Constitution established this right for this reason.  According to the FBI, we now have 50 foreign backed military Islamic style training bases established in our country. Americans may be needed to defend our country. These foreign nationals, embedded in these paramilitary camps,  get escorted into our country on a regular basis by drug cartels through states like mine (Arizona). (see the November 2012 report by the House Committee on Homeland Security, subcommittee on oversight, chaired by Rep. Michael T. McCaul – “A Line in the Sand: Counter Crime, Violence  and Terror at the SW Border”).  Those that want tyranny are those that want to take our unalienable right to bear arms.

Additionally, if you want to change the age to purchase a gun, it is incumbent on you to change the age for Selective Service Registration and for people to sign up to join the military. If they are not old enough to handle a gun they should not be in any branch of our military where that is required. Logic also dictates that the federal voting age should be moved back to 21 since voting is the ultimate civic responsibility and most power. Fair is fair!

It will be very difficult if not impossible to roll back almost 5 generations of slow Marxist indoctrination in just 8 years but I hope you can get a good start at it. Thank you again for your sacrifice for our country. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

Bill Sandry



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