As long as the politicians and media are focused on and talking about guns and gun control – they have won. Guns are a very convenient Trojan horse to take our liberty. Blaming shootings on guns is akin to blaming the ropes for the lynchings after the Civil War. They are both societal issues stemming from a lack of morality and our respect for each other and the sanctity of human life. But then what do you expect from that same part of society that has murdered over 60 million defenseless babies? They don’t even get a chance to go to school! This is from the same party that hung black Americans in the 1800’s. Would it have made a difference if the sale of ropes over 4foot in length was made illegal? No! It took Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. and 100 years to change society.

Our problem is much deeper than just another inanimate object.

Politicians can’t admit the root cause of the problem – they caused it; much less come up with a solution that would reverse the last 90 years of their work in the dismemberment of the moral fabric of our society. Blaming guns is just an easy foil for the politicians to pretend they addressed (but never solved) the problem by taking more of our liberty. This is the Marxist/liberal/Alinski plan. Once we can no longer defend ourselves from tyranny and we become dependent on the government – the game is over, set, match and done for our country.


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