A brief review of the sale agreement for the copyright interests in the information and material from Stormy Daniels, aka Peggy Peterson, aka Stephanie Gregory Clifford makes it clear that she has no case against Donald Trump.

She asserts the Contract is void because Trump did not sign it. She also claims the pseudonym David Dennison represents Donald Trump as a party to the sale agreement. The publicly disclosed copy of the sale agreement and its Exhibit “A” (LINK) has the name of the person represented by David Dennison redacted so it cannot be discerned who that person is based on the published document.

Nonetheless, the name of that person does not matter. Stormy Daniels entered into a contract with EC, LLC “and/or” David Dennison. The disjunctive word “or” means that if either EC, LLC “or” David Denison sign the contract, Ms. Daniels has sold her interests in her intellectual property, including copyrights and materials, to the party that entered into the contract with her. In this case the party entering into the contract with Ms. Daniels was EC, LLC and not Donald Trump. EC, LLC executed the contract and holds exclusive ownership.

Even if David Denison is Donald Trump, he did not purchase the copyright interests or materials owned by Stormy Daniels. Therefore, since he was not the purchaser, paid no consideration, and did not receive or take possession of the materials; he did not have to sign or pay money for something he did not buy.

EC, LLC is admittedly the sole and exclusive owner of the materials and their associated intellectual property that Stormy Daniels sold.

Mr. Trump did not sign the contract. He is not a party to the contract. Nothing was sold to Donald Trump and he owes no money. She sold her materials, rights and interest to EC, LLC free and clear. It is a valid contract between them and only them. If a suit is filed, a summary judgment is in order with an order for costs for bringing such a frivolous nuisance law suit and wasting the courts time.


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