Those that are trying to scare everybody about changing Medicare with phrases such as “It will destroy/devastate/eliminate/or crush Medicare as we know it” keep couching such threats of immediate doom with the phrase “as we know it.”

We need to, we must, end Medicare “as we know it” because we know it is going bankrupt as “as we know it.”  If we don’t change it there will not be a Medicare.     Government Medicare must be changed to Your Medicare; a program that you and your doctor control – not the government, especially not with the Independent Payment Advisory Board that will make your personal medical decisions based on generalized government costs and statistical probabilities from mass studies.  Just as in England, criteria such as your “value to society” in comparison to “societies cost to extend your life and/or the quality of your life” will be used to decide if you get the care you need.  That’s what we have coming now under Obama Scare.   Examples from the experiences and results in other countries using this system prove that the results will be rationed medical care and medications.  There will also be even faster increases in costs and higher hidden taxes to indirectly fund the socialist system that will leave us with a stagnant economy (unless the laws of economics and human nature are repealed).


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