Bill’s Notes 6-16-11

Where are the e-mails?

I mean Obamas.   The old media doesn’t demand his academic records like they did for George Bush much less Obama’s e-mails.  Mr. Transparency has everything sealed and labeled confidential.  Why is no one asking why Obama lost his law license in Illinois?   And, that excuse for a birth certificate without the state seal (that was used for birth certificates at that time) and a dozen different fonts has never been challenged.  Did the NY Times hire a typography expert to examine the alleged birth certificate?  If it did and the results were positive confirmation of a valid birth certificate the old media would have been blowing its horn across the print and air waves.  Of course if the results were negative, well . . . we’ll never know.

It’s amazing, with such an open display of media prejudice, why media such as the NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times and locally the Arizona Republic can’t figure out why they have lost their credibility.  It went down the drain with their honesty.


It has been reported that the FBI has given itself more power to investigate us without any reason to do so.  Where in the Constitution does it give an agency the authority to unilaterally increase its own power and authority?   Does the term “Brown Shirts” come to mind?


It is ironic that it is a black man that is condemning our American people into economic slavery with the shackles of debt and under the master of an unbridled federal regulatory system.


Did you notice that the “jobs summit” Obama just held and his “Jobs Committee” do not have one small business owner?  But then, unlike the CEO’s of the large companies and Wall Street bankers that did attend and are on the committee, one wonders just how much a small business owner would donate to Obama’s campaign fund.  No point in inviting some one that may not donate.


Things have gotten to such a sad state of affairs that the internet is to Americans what the Voice of America was to eastern Europeans during the cold war.


At a White House press conference this week (6-12 to 6-18-11) a reporter pointed out to White House spokesman Jay Carney that of the $860b in the stimulus package only $30b went for infrastructure (shovel ready) projects such as roads, bridges, airport runways, etc.  The reporter asked Carney where the other $830b went.  Carney had no answer and didn’t know.


You know a politician is serious about an issue when s/he tells you they are working on it around the clock – - – - – - – 3 days a week.  Only in Washington!


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