By Bill Sandry

Have you notice the language of desperation that Democrats (and some entrenched establishment Republicans) have been using to describe Americans that support the Tea Party Movement?  Senator recently said Tea Party supporters are “terrorists”.  Bob Beckel described them as “anarchists”.   Democrats and their faux media spokespersons have called these Americans racists, bigots, radicals, etc. when all that is asked is that the government, specifically Congress and the Supreme Court comply with the Constitution, the laws of the land and sound basic economic principles. 

 The most apparent reason these radical statements are made to create fear is because they are very fearful of the bread and butter, everyday working Americans, voting, blue collar, white collar, and professional, Republican, Democrat and Independent Americans that comprise this genuine grass roots ground swell.   How are they going to target and demonize the heart of America, the silent majority,    and still get elected?  The usual political target, the rich, isn’t what makes up the determined masses that have organized and mobilized to preserve the individual liberties and civil rights guaranteed by the Constitution and that the Congress and Administrations have been slowly stealing for 70 years. 

In short they don’t know how to defeat the working Americans that they need to get re-elected, so out of frustration they (including the media) resort to their standard blue print by making false allegations and painting these Americans as mean people with evil intentions.  It is these working, voting, tax paying citizens that fund all their programs that are driving all Americans to poverty that they need for support.


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