By Bill Sandry

What an oxymoron! We are “Leading from behind.” When did Americans ever lead the world by bringing up the rear? Now “we share the lead” in our credit rating. The USAalways held the best credit rating – until Obama. Thanks to Obama’s political philosophy, were following behind other leaders in our economy. His political mantra and actions have always been from behind, standing back without acting so no one can criticize him. He strives for our mediocrity. In his resent speech on August 8th, after the stock market took a nose dive, Obama stated that “Our credit rating is among the worlds safest (not best).” And we have “some” of the most productive workers. Were’s the leadership drive to strive for being the best? He singlehandedly removed us from being the world leader in space science and exploration, an area that is crucial to our future national defense. Past presidents have always referred to our people in the superlative, as world leaders out front (not at someone’s behind) with the knowledge and expectation that we are and will strive to be the best.

Obama’s never been a leader. Every project he launched as a “community organizer” in Chicagois a failure. That weakness and low expectation with a desire to avoid accountability is why, after just two months in office, the President of France publicly called Obama a weak leader. Obama always says he has a plan, but he refuses to write it out in detail for us to see. Is that transparency? But then what did we expected from a man with an Illinois Senate record of voting “present” 72 times? America got just what it voted for, a politician that survives by hiding what he really believes in, hiding behind flowery meaningless rhetoric, one who’s afraid to show where he really stands and what he really intends to do out of fear of criticism. He’s a man who says one thing and then behind the scenes does another. A man who really leads from behind; behind legal lies, rhetoric, deception, illusion, hypocrisy, dishonesty and insincerity: In short, a real 19th century con man. Just don’t expect him to tell you what’s in his elixir.

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