Bill’s Notes 8-9-11


a few quips

By Bill Sandry

The Tea Party is the conscience of America. Politicians don’t know what to do with a conscience.

Think About It

42% of the money paid for the gas used to power the “Obama mobiles” is paid for with borrowed money! His budget can’t even pay for his transportation to the golf course.

The USAhas gone from Eisenhower’s Industrial-Military Complex in the 50’s to the Obama Socialist-Media Complex of the 21st century.

The notion that “compromise” is a necessity for Congress is a misplaced myth. If that were the case there would not be so many bills defeated. Everyone would just cordially agree to what the other person wanted. After all, it’s not their money – is it?

Senator Harry Reid said, after the Bonner debt bill passed the House on July 29, 2011, “The only kind of compromise is mine.” That says it all.

Why would Congress appropriate spending that exceeds the debt limit? That’s akin to us writing a check for more than we have in the bank!

Democrats are using the fact that Congress has increased the debt ceiling 74 times as a reason to increase it again. It takes Chutzpa to use the very thing that got us in this mess as a reason to keep doing it.

Obama (and his media spokesmen) keep using the excuse that “we have headwinds.” They must not realize Obama is the headwind!

Congress is fond of sometimes passing legislation by a majority vote that requires a super-majority (66% – 75%) to change. Any vote that requires a super-majority to reverse should be required to be passed by that same majority.

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