By Bill Sandry

 I’m going out on a limb here but I predict that Obama’s September 8th “Jobs Speech” will be another effort to sell us a product with out telling us his ingredients. Obama will cast his proposal with a sprinkling of Republican economic terms designed to make him sound very reasonable and middle of the road for the purpose of telling us his Elixir will work, and we should buy it.  But just like the chocolate covered cherries that were sold in the 19th century, as weight loss candies (that contained a tape worm), they do not work.  The tape worm that this 21st century Elixir Salesman is selling in his chocolate covered jobs cherry, is the worm of federal government’s enormous growth, compulsory government health control, spending and taxing us into economic and national security demise. 

Just like the 19th century Elixir salesman, Obama will tell us about the great chocolate, the cream filling and the fresh cherry inside. Obama will tell us about his chocolate coating of public economic security (by stealing Republican language about what must be done), his faux sugar drenched filling of regulatory and tax reform, topped by his “cherry” of all the new jobs his partially disclosed “plan” will create (“or save”).  He will say he has a plan that both parties can agree to and “put country before party”, but that is the antitheses of what he really does.  The one thing I am confident Obama will not say is that he will use the remaining $150b in his stimulus political slush fund for the infrastructure projects he will say needs to be funded now. Obama does not need Congress to get “on-board” – Obama needs to set sail!   Is it Congresses’ fault that Obama will not spend his political stimulus slush fund?

He’s had almost 3 years.  If he was a real leader, one would think by now he would have a complete plan and could disclose all the ingredients. In other words; what are the details behind his “specifics”? But then, when his modus operandi is leading from behind, he has to conduct more polling to find out what his next faux ingredient should be, before he leads from behind again.  If we renew his Elixir prescription, Obama’s tape worm will surely continue to exponentially grow and consume us from within.  Then . . .  without radical surgery, there’s not much hope for a cure.  Unfortunately Obama’s not leading from behind when it comes to his “change” to make our free country, into a socialistic government controlled state.  I can see November 2012 from here, can you?

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