By Bill Sandry


The community organizer spoke again on September 8th.  We did not hear from a Scout leader, much less a President. He spoke in the evangelical terms of Jeremiah Wright about what people would like to see happen and who’s at fault  by telling us who else needs to act to get something done; with out describing us how he wants them to do it.  For the umpteenth time he did not tell us his plan! It was like being on Santa’s knee (God bless Santa, at least he is more reliable) when he’s telling us we were magically going to get everything on our national wish list.  Just like a good community organizer, Obama’s wish list offers everything except to restore our individual liberties and freedoms from being taken by his oppressive government that is strangling our businesses and our people. 


Instead of telling us his plan and how he proposes to make cuts in spending, he passed the buck.  He passed his obligations, responsibilities and accountability to the unconstitutional “Super Committee.”  Can you say “Pass the Buck Obama?”


If he really wanted a tax code “where every one gets a fair shake” and “pays their fair share” (not just 50% of us?) he would propose a fair tax or a flat tax with out any tax exemptions. That would make Warren Buffet pay his fair share.  But that is not what he really wants.  Such a fair system will not support a socialist form of government.  Nor would restoring our constitutional rights, liberties and civil rights that his administration is taking on a daily basis by his oppressive regulations and executive orders support a socialist government. 


Socialist and communist forms of government depend on bureaucratic patronage jobs that are not self-sustaining.  The one and most important thing his undefined “jobs bill” will not do is create any self-sustaining jobs.  Self-sustaining jobs are the only kind of jobs that grow and sustain an economy.  Government jobs are a burden, and only suck the blood of commerce out of an economy.  Short term private jobs that are created by excessive temporary spending, for projects that create no self-sustaining jobs, only leave the country in more debt and with a devalued currency.   


Obama pushed creating more undefined tax loopholes, presumably as business incentives.  I guess those are some how different than the tax loopholes that he wants to repeal.  You remember, those that were passed as business and job incentives.  Obama said he’s going to take his message to “every corner of the country.”  I guess that means he will finally visit all 57 states.





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