If NFL Players Believe:

By Bill Sandry 10-13-17

The NFL players that are “protesting” for “equality” should think about what they are doing. Evidently they do not realize they are protesting the symbols of equality and equal opportunity they are allegedly seeking. Our flag and National Anthem represent the faith and promises of civil fights and equal opportunity guaranteed by our Constitution. What they apparently missed is that our Constitution puts the obligation and duty on us citizens to be engaged in our government process and our responsible civic participation and generosity to achieve equality as best we can. How many of these NFL protestors are personally and physically involved in our government, politics or education? FYI – That does not mean financially supporting an organization supported by a billionaire Nazi collaborator (wanted for securities fraud) that is hell bent on creating division in our country.

What they are protesting (by opposing the symbols of our Constitution and liberty) is our freedom, our liberty, our civil rights and the equal opportunity our Constitution affords us. This country provides the mechanism for citizens to protect our civil rights as enshrined in our Bill of Rights – those are the things our flag and National Anthem stand for and are therefore by definition what these players are protesting.  If they believe that symbols such as these are not important, why are they engaging in symbols such as kneeling (a sign of submission), raising their fist or locking arms? If they are not protesting our greatest symbols of unity, they might consider each of them holding a small flag when they are standing respectfully and locking arms thereby demonstrating their unity with whatever their cause is and the flag. But that is still not standing at attention in respect.

What they don’t realize is that they are protesting themselves by protesting the symbols representing their right to protest. Why would you protest symbols of the Constitution that gives you the right to protest? Presumably this is because they have not been taught our history and do not understand our Constitution; they do not realize they are protesting themselves as the responsible party for not achieving the equality they desire. They are equally as responsible as every other citizen and maybe even more so because they have earned the income and station in public life to achieve the ephemeral goal of equality. Instead of promoting equality they are making public gestures that are divisive, racist and hateful, yet they claim they are not being divisive when that is the only conclusion a rational observer can make. Their apparent lack of understanding, knowledge and action is an embarrassment to Americans regardless of race. They are promoting equality only in the sense that they are equally embarrassing to Americans – regardless of race. If you have to explain what you are protesting about – your protest is by definition a failure.

Virtually all NFL players have attended college and most graduated. How did they get where they are without understanding these fundamentals upon which our country is founded? It appears a good place for them to start is with promoting our classic education curriculum used in the mid-20th century when we developed and had the best education system ever taught in the world. If they believe, they will make sure that is implemented in every inner city school and that (along with the next suggestion) will do more to help minorities succeed than any other single initiative. In fact that could put them ahead of the other public schools that are teaching Common Core, Islam and Marxism – all failed federally imposed curriculum. The players might foster a generation of minorities to achieve equality through our Constitution and save our liberty for all of us!

To further help minorities, if they believe, they could take action to reverse the LBJ plan to transfer the poor, and in particular the Black Americans, from the cotton plantation (yes whites picked cotton too) to the government plantation. Just like during slavery, LBJ used the Democrat Party to break-up the family to guarantee government dependency. They must support the restoration of the traditional American family.

One last thought for today; if they believe they have the same right to equality at work as others should have, then they are expecting the government to protect that right in a private work place, since the NFL receives federal financial support. If that were the case then affirmative action would be applicable just as it is in education in federally funded universities and only 13% of the NFL players would be black. Let that sink in for “equality.” It helps to have a basic understanding of our Constitution before you try to act under its protection. It is there for all of us. I ask them to use it wisely and correctly. We need the help!

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McCain Ejects on Us Again

McCain demonstrated his cut n’ run philosophy again by abandoning his support for his party and his Arizona constituents. We see this every 6 years after the election. The man with a national reputation for his uncontrollable temper and rough language has used a temporal excuse to abandon ship. No one condones, in fact everyone condemns Trumps 11 year old language. But unlike the rest of us, McCain demonstrated he has no compassion or forgiveness for us.  In fact, given his legislation (or legislative failures) to secure the border and enforce the laws he obviously reserves those virtues only for illegal aliens.  He showed where he put his compassion and forgiveness when he sponsored the CREST Act to fund bringing 5,000 illegal aliens into our country at a cost of $100,000,000.00. I wonder if he justified that by following Obama’s lead and renaming them “refugees.”

He bailed out on his obligation in 1986 to keep his word to secure the border, and force Congress to keep its word to secure the border. He bailed again when he bailed on his promise during the last election to “build the dang fence.”  Politicians like McCain use the people in his party as the leverage to gain personal power and after election, like Hillary, the idea of serving the people is an anathema to him. McCain’s abandonment of the Trump campaign is no loss to us “Wacko Birds” (McCain’s term for us deplorable irredeemables) or Trump because he never really supported us or Trump.

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RLUIPA (Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act) was passed in 2000 as a federal land use legislation to control local zoning regulations to protect religious organizations and institutions from discriminatory local zoning ordinances. This law has been abused numerous times under the Obama DOJ to force local communities, including their residential areas, to rezone and fund mosques and Islamic schools with some communities even donating the property. Leo Homann reported in WND that the Obama DOJ and CAIR teamed up to compel the Pittsfield Township in Michigan to change its zoning and pay $1.7m to finance a mega mosque, a 70,000 sq. ft. Islamic school, housing and a park for allegedly violating the RLUIPA law. (http://www.wnd.com/2016/10/city-agrees-to-pay-mosque-1-7m-for-discriminatory-zoning-regs/print/ )

I have a suggestion for our American communities. The Quran calls for, even requires, acts of sedition, treason and murder – all of which are acts in violation of our Constitution and the Constitution of virtually every state. (see this site for 109 Quran verses requiring violence http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/pages/quran/violence.aspx  ) A “New Testament” for the Quran renouncing violence does not exist.

If our states and local communities passed laws and ordinances that define groups or organizations with principles (especially written foundational principles) based on and/or teach acts of sedition, treason or murder – then they are engaged in a political activity.  Under this obvious and demonstrable definition, our communities will establish a legal basis for retaining control over their local zoning of such self-defined political organizations. Obama has changed and created false definitions innumerable times to violate our Constitution. We have the opportunity to correctly define something for what it is to preserve our Constitution – if we the people have the courage to demand it of our local governments.

History has proven that these principles are requirements for orthodox Islamic believers. They are written in the Quran and Hadith from which they teach their followers. Throughout the history of Islam, Orthodox believers of Islam have waged war and insurrections against countries and local governments to overthrow those governments and impose Sharia/Hadith law. It is a requirement of their political movement. That makes them a political organization by definition first and, to the extent the remainder is a religion, it is such only secondarily to the orthodox believers. Disciples of organizations and groups based on principles that teach and promote the overthrow of our laws and country should not be allowed local zoning exemptions. They should be deported or prosecuted.

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John McCain is running for the Senate again. He will undoubtedly give us the same empty rhetoric he has for 34 years. Why “empty” you ask? Let’s look at the results we are left with after his never ending series of promises over the years.  His tenacious efforts, “hard work” and “fighting for us” have left us with:

  1. Our least prepared military defense on 70 years although he chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee;*
  2. $18,000,000,000,000.00 in debt and continuing budget deficits as far as we can see;
  3. Failed VA hospitals;*
  4. Failed VA system in its entirety;
  5. Reduction in housing allowance for troops (bill now in Senate);
  6. Failure to secure the border – a fundamental requirement for national security (“build the dang fence”);*
  7. Terrorists in every state;*
  8. Sponsored the CREST Act (spends $100,000,000.00 to process and import 5,000 South American illegal aliens under the guise as refugees from their country into the USA; Prohibits DHS, HHs and Border Patrol from telling anyone where the aliens are being transferred to; etc.);
  9. Unconstitutional NDAA that takes our liberty as guaranteed in our Bill of Rights;
  10. Allowed taking $1.3B from our troop medical co-pay benefits to fund bringing Afghanistans into the USA;
  11. Sponsored the unconstitutional McCain-Feingold Act that took our right to political free speech just before elections (passed just in time for a McCain re-election & later ruled unconstitutional);
  12. Higher taxes;
  13. Holding meetings with terrorists in Syria;*
  14. Militarization of non-enforcement federal agencies such Dept. of Edu., Ag Dept., Forest Service,  and many more;
  15. Militarization of local law enforcement departments (city & county);
  16. Very bad trade deals with foreign countries resulting in loss of jobs and huge trade deficits;
  17. Federally centralized control of local education compelled through extortion with our own money by the federal government;
  18. Failure to oppose the endless list of unconstitutional acts and violations of law by Obama, many of which lay the groundwork for a strong  impeachment case;*
  19. Complete failure to protect and preserve the 10th Amendment in the Constitution he took an oath to uphold (Arizona’s state’s rights have been trampled and eviscerated over the last 34 years – he is supposed to represent Arizona in the Senate, not the Feds);
  20. The largest number of Americans not working (95million) in 40 years;
  21. The failure to demand an investigation on who at the White House ordered the destruction and/or alteration of government DHS records collected to connect the dots on Islamic terrorists;*
  22. Failed to perform his constitutional obligations by repeatedly and continuously voting to confirm (not veto) bureaucrats and judges that are not fully veted, not qualified, and do not believe in the principles of our Constitution;
  23. Enabled and participated in the creation of a federal bureaucracy so large he can’t control it, nor does he try to stop it from violating our constitutional rights on a daily basis – has failed to hold them accountable or in compliance with the Constitution or control their spending;
  24. He has done nothing to stop (might even say enabled) – the unconstitutional overreach by federal agencies to take our liberty; for example the unconstitutional abuse of the Clean Water Act to federally micro-regulate cattle ponds and dry washes for the sole purpose of taking private property rights;
  25. He has failed to stop (I’ve not heard an objection or filibuster ) the illegal transfer of funds appropriated for a specific purpose to a specific agency by Obama to an executive favorite program or slush fund;
  26. Participated in the congressional  request for the IRS to investigate the Tea Party groups;


There are more examples but you got the idea so I’ll close with this fact;

  1. It was discovered, but seldom reported, that John McCain (“Song Bird McCain” as the POW’s knew him) conspired with John Kerry to block the investigation and recovery of Viet Nam POWs.

This is a record of 34 years of failure. It is insanity repeated 4/5 times more than needed. The results have always been the same. Why should we expect anything different this time? How many of these bills did he use his procedural ability, as an individual senator, to block in the Senate? Can’t he get other senators to oppose these actions that take our liberty and are destroying our country?  If not, maybe he’s not the man for the job. When he says how hard he is working and that one person can’t do it all – it only serves to prove he can’t and has not done the job he promised and we elected him to do. This is a record of a proven failure.  As one might say, “You’re Fired.”

*Denotes the circumstance resulted in a decline/weakening of our national security

Keep The Republic.



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By Bill Sandry

The old guard media has tried so hard to maintain its monopoly and control of information that it has prostrated itself on behalf of the Democrat Party, Barak Obama and now Hillary Clinton.  The unsurpassed degree of covering up for this President, his administration and Hillary is now a national security threat.

It was bad enough that the Press-titutes have completely ignored that the man holding the highest office in the land got there using three forged documents each of which are felonies.  No one has produced any evidence to dispute this fact.  Can you imagine what they would have done to Nixon for that?

Speaking of Nixon, no one died when he covered up a beak-in to find out what the Democrat Party campaign strategy was.  It did not involve a dereliction of duty by the Commander in Chief, fraud to gain office, or put national security at risk; much less what appears to be a deliberate decision that 4 Americans were expendable and to allow their murders without using the many resources that we now know were available to assist in their defense and rescue.  Someone decided to let them die.  WHO? WHY?

Where is the outrage by the Press-titutes that are supposed to “speak truth to power”?  Where are the investigative reporters and the calls for impeachment?  He has violated our Constitution and laws innumerable times. The Press-titutes are in the same political corner they went to with the cover-up for Fast and Furious that resulted in the murders of two more Americans.

History has demonstrated that the media has chosen to become the Press-titutes for the DNC and in particular Barak Hussein Obama.  They didn’t even point out that – when he addressed the UN he falsely and knowingly claimed 6 times that Benghazi was the result of a video that no one saw. If we are to believe the media coverage, apparently he was wearing his Shadda ring proclaiming “The only true God is Allah” on his wedding ring finger during the speech.

Evidently our new military leaders, that are apparently advanced on their politics and not merit, do not believe in the American motto to Never Leave and Man Behind.   I know from personal experience we do.

This election is no different. We now have the Press-titutes following what appears to be the wish of their Johns that own 90% of the media – to supporting a candidate that has obviously and blatantly engaged in criminal conduct. Director Comey made those facts patently obvious. But the Press-titutes will not report the facts. Several newspapers, that had a reputation for investigative reporting and holding a conservative position to protect our Bill of Rights, commonly referred to as Civil Rights, have been acquired by the oligarchy known as the big six that control our media. Since their acquisition they have abandoned their historical community based American philosophical roots and are now on board with the other Press-titutes in supporting the party that established institutional racism over individual liberty. We need to break up the media cartel of Press-titutes so we can receive all the facts and different views in the opinion pages.


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After Congresses’ vote to override Obama and allow U.S. Citizens to sue for damages caused by terrorists, Obama declared that actions encouraging foreign countries to sue the USA set a bad precedent. That is exactly the precedent he set when he started making the $33b in cash ransom payments to Iran for a law suit they did not win. Iran had been unable to prove their case for 35 years and had not won. Our country and citizens have greater claims against Iran for the destruction of our embassy and taking Americans hostages and lives. Where is our compensation?

Obama simply capitulated to a foreign country’s law suit to fund the jihad movement in his last two years in office. If there is anyone leading the way with – what he states is a bad precedent, it is Obama. He has demonstrated that if a foreign country sues us or our citizens, and stalls long enough for another administration as weak and anti-American as Obama’s (no “leader” leads from behind), they will be handsomely rewarded for their assault on America.

Talk about dog whistles to encourage foreign law suits – Obama just said to the world, here it is, come and get it; you don’t even have to win, especially if you support terrorism. Just stall long enough, wait and compound your interest!

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Who owns the New York Times?  Give up? One of the richest men in the world – Carlos Slim. Carlos is a Mexican that made his billions from Mexico. Do you think he wants us to secure our border and demand fair trade? I don’t know if he is directly involved with the drug cartels but it is hard to imagine someone that rich surviving that long and prosperous in Mexico without some sort of arrangement for his benefit. This NYT ownership connection might explain the pure political bigotry we read from his paper the NYTs. Talk about foreign interference with our elections; What do you think?

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Colin Kapernick and the Broncos Brandon Marshal are protesting to disrespect another NFL player – Pat Tillman. Knaepernick proved the saying right – in America you have the right to be stupid.

Diversity, Discrimination and intolerance are liberal code words to prohibit equality and promote racism, religious hatred and undermine our Bill of Rights that protect individual liberty.  They must defeat individual liberty, civil rights and freedom to succeed with their regressive socialist agenda for their collective one world order.

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Why is the Obama administration holding up Trump’s tax audit. He could have had Koskinen and the IRS finish that audit weeks if not months ago. It is now public information that Obama’s IRS held up processing tax forms to prevent dozens if not hundreds of conservative from qualifying for 501 (c ) (3) and (c ) (4) status. There is pattern and practice of the Obama administration to use the IRS as a political tool of obstruction and it looks like the Trump tax audit is just another example of that abuse of the executive power for political purposes.

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The Democrat media created the false standard for meeting the constitutional requirement of being a “natural born citizen” during the McCain presidential campaign. They ginned up the false standard that McCain had to be born in America. That is not and never was the standard.

Then when Barry Soetero was running as Barack Hussein Obama for the Presidency, the question of his eligibility came up. The media immediately went to the same false standard for qualifying as a candidate. If they had reported on the correct standard, it would disclose Obama is not eligible. Where he was born is not relevant. Otherwise his publishing he was born in Kenya in his first book in 1991, Journeys in Black and White, and the AP news report in 2004 would have made him ineligible. But if they did that, we might not have our first Arab African President. The fabricated excuse that Obama’s publisher made a “clerical error” is stupid. Making a clear and concise factual statement is not a typo or grammatical error. Nonetheless, it makes no difference and was perpetuated (knowingly or not) and resulted in misdirecting the public from knowing the real standard for being a “natural born citizen.” Obama has publicly and proudly written that his father is Kenyan and the version of his birth certificate declares his father is Kenyan. That means, by definition, he is not a natural born citizen. He is a citizen with dual sovereign loyalties by birth and at a natural risk of foreign influence. Under the correct standard, Obama is by his own admission ineligible. The media did not want that made public. Let me explain the correct standard.

In 1787, when our Constitution was being drafted, John Jay was representing us in France. He had 3 children born in France and both he and his wife were American citizens. Jay wrote George Washington asking that the term “natural born” citizen be a criteria for qualifying to run for President. The meaning of natural born is the Vattel standard and that is that a child had to be born to two parents that were citizens of the same country, i.e., Great Britain, France, Germany, the United Sates, etc. Jay believed that our foreign representatives and ambassadors’ children, born to American parents overseas, should not be disqualified to run for President but we must protect our national security. Where they were born was of no consequence. That was the accepted meaning of “natural born” and the Supreme Court has held this to be the meaning – not where you were born.  As we know, the original draft clause was changed from “citizen” to “natural born citizen” for this purpose.

This misdirection to a false standard, and not disclose the correct standard, is the media hoax perpetrated on us by the DNC’s media complex.  Any of the legal reporters could have (and possibly did if they were good at their job) researched the correct legal standard. They don’t even have to do that. American citizens have already done it for them and published articles. But the hoax takes place when the media abrogates its public duty and fails to tell the public. The media has refined the practice of lying by omission and it was very effective in this case.

The purpose of requiring both parents to be Americans was to avoid the hereditary risk of foreign influence by having a birth obligation to two countries and to secure our natural security. We can see after the last 7 years they were right in this concern. The Supreme Court and lower courts have upheld this definition numerous times. See: (The Venus, 12U.S. 253(1814) (following the Vattel standard), Shanks v. Dupont, 28 U.S. 242 (1830), Scott v. Sandford, 60 U.S. 393 (1856), Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162 (1875) , Ex parte Reynolds, 20 F. Cas. 582 (C.C.W.D. Ark 1879), United States v. Ward, 42 F. 320 (1890); Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898), Ludlam, Excutrix, & c., v. Ludlam, 26 N.Y. 356 (1863) to cite a few).

Barry Soetero is not unique. He is the second person to hold the office of President because of fraud. The first was Chester Arthur (1881-1885). The difference is that Arthur burned his records to hide them and Soetero has paid millions to seal them and avoid transparency about his background and who he is. The methods are different but the intent and purpose by Barry and the media are the same – to deceive us. The media did not even ask why there is not a public record of his name change from Barry Soetero, as he was registered in Indonesia schools, to Barack Hussein Obama. I suppose one can claim they cannot omit what they do not know.


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